About.com's Focus on Java
This site on About.com is hosted by John Zukowski.  The site offers links to Java-related information including applets, articles, book reviews, certification, FAQs, free books, IDEs, JSP, Linux, magazines, news sources, tutorials, and user groups.

About.com's Focus on Java: Java Development Kits
This site on About.com is hosted by John Zukowski.  The site offers links to information on Java Development Kits.

About.com's Focus on Java: Magazines
This site on About.com is hosted by John Zukowski.  The site offers links to print and online magazines focusing on Java programming.

Anyone for Java?
This site contains information for an introductory mini-course in Java taught by Glenn Richard at SUNY.  The site offers specific Java programming information and tutorials, as well as links to pertinent Java programming resources on the web.

CIS 4930 (Programming in Java):  Java Tips 
This site, created by Berna L. Massingill of the Department of Computer & Information Science & Engineering at the University of Florida for a Java programming course, offers general instructions for using the JDK (Java Development Kit), as well as system-specific instructions.

C0603-231 Computer Science 1 Lecture Notes
This site, created by Dr. Hans-Peter Bischof of the Department of Computer Science at the Rochester Institute of Technology, contains online lecture notes for this computer science course.  Topics covered include Java Programming Basics, Introduction to Methods, Control Structures, Characters and Strings, Arrays and Vectors, Collections of Data, Design and Implementation, OOD, and Professionalism and Ethics.

Cafe au Lait Java FAQs, News, and Resources
This site, created by Elliotte Rusty Harold, comprises a comprehensive list of Java resources, notes, and news.  Topics covered on the site include Java overview, learning Java, books, web based courses, Java resources, course notes, Java FAQs, development tools, external sites, and APIs.

A Compact Orientation to Object Orientation
J. Adrian Zimmer, a programmer and consultant, has compiled this overview to Object Orientation. Topics include Class types and subtypes; Adapting code using OOP; Run time adaptations using OOP; and windowing environments.

Computer Science 124: Introduction to Programming Using Java Second Edition, Fall 1998

This online textbook, created by David J. Eck of Hobart and William Smith Colleges for a computer science course, offers chapter information on programming topics.  Chapters include "Overview: The Mental Landscape," "Programming in the Small: Variables, I/O, and Control Structures," "Programming in the Large I: Subroutines," "Programming in the Large II: Objects and Classes," "Applets, HTML, and GUI's," "Components and Events," "Arrays and other Data Structures," "Advanced Input/Output and Exceptions," and "From Java to C++." 

Design of Object-Oriented Real-time Systems
This directory contains several papers that have been written as part of the DOORS (Design of Object-Oriented Real-time Systems) project at Carleton University, Ottawa Canada. DOORS is a joint research project between the Systems and Computer Engineering project and Bell-Northern Research. "The general objective of the project is to develop a method for the design of real-time (RT) systems that: is practical for systems of large scale and complexity; includes support of object-oriented (OO) techniques for achieving reuseability in implementations; helps with visualizing and testing design concepts during the early stages when the big decisions are being made."

Internet Programming Using Java 
This site is home to a course on Internet Programming Using Java, created by the Curators of the University of Missouri. The "links" button provides a wide variety of online resources on Java programming.

Java Coffee Break
This site, authored by David Reilly, provides information to beginning and advanced Java programmers.  This site offers links related to learning Java including articles, lessons, FAQ's, books, newsletter, tutorials, applets, and discussion forums.

The Java Development Kit
This site, hosted on Purdue University's server, contains links to documentation about the JDK and Java. Per the site, "The Java Development Kit (JDK) lets you write applets and applications that conform to the Java Core API."  The site offers links to the JDK software bundle, the JDK documentation bundle, and the JavaSoft website.

Java: Getting Started with Java Programming 
This online course, designed by DPEC, Inc. and authored by Rogers Cadenhead, provides an introduction to the basics of programming in Java.  The course topics link provides an index to the content covered in the course.  The site also contains an online glossary of terms.

The Java Programming Language
This site, part of the WWW Virtual Library, is maintained by Omar Patiño Siliceo.  The site provides information about the Java language, associated events, reference materials, resources, and examples for users and developers.

Java Programming Language Basics, Part I
This online tutorial demonstrates how to use the Java 2 Platform software to create and run programs written for the Java platform.  "You will learn how applications, applets, and servlets are similar and different, how to build a basic user interface that handles simple end user input, how to read data from and write data to files and databases, and how to send and receive data over the network.

Java Programming Tutorials
The Java Tutorials and other technical content on this site was written by Richard Baldwin, a Java and C++ programming teacher and consultant.  The site contains three Java tutorials and links to related sites.

The Java Tutorial
This online tutorial, created by Sun Microsystems, offers a groups of lessons on Java programming with working examples to illustrate the lessons. Topics include getting started, essential Java classes, learning the Java language, custom networking, writing applets, and JDK 1.1.

Mindview, Inc.
This site contains object-oriented programming information and was created by Bruce Eckel, an author, trainer, and consultant on object-oriented programming.  The site includes links to a newsletter, seminars, books, and other related sources.  

Object News
Object News is sponsored by Object Research, an object technology consulting firm. It is an online daily newsletter that provides articles, resources and information relevant to the object-oriented community.

Object-Oriented Information Sources
The Software Composition Group, housed at the University of Berne, researches the application of object technology in the development of open software systems. This particular site provides a search engine and a list of additional resources and links for further information on Object-Oriented programming.

The Object-Oriented Page
Ricardo Devis has compiled this list of resources related to every Object-Oriented segment, including languages, methods, etc. Resources listed include books, Internet sites, articles and products.

Object-Oriented Resources
eg3.com provides a list of websources, books, papers and demonstrations related to Object-oriented technology.

The Computer Science Department at Indiana University has developed the OO-Browser.
This user guide provides an overview of the multi-windowed, interactive, object-oriented class browser that supports five object-oriented languages and may be used for both system exploration and for browsing purposes as part of a professional software development tool chest.

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