Elevator Simulator

This was my first attempt at a Java Applet many years ago. I have had this on my website for a very long time. I keep thinking I should take it off, since it was done so long ago, but I keep hearing from people across the United States and Europe. Some are questions, some thanks and some requests for the original C++ code this was translated from. Sorry, the C++ is long gone. I finally, decided to clean it up a little. I changed the class names and variables to reflect Java capitalization. I updated it from an Applet to a JApplet and changed to JLabels. I removed the depreicated call to the Thread stop method. I also returned it to it's original 10 floors and changed the background color to white. My old page had a tan background image and the simulator was tan. I got rid of that ugly background image years ago but never changed the Simulator. The funniest thing I did was slow the program down. When I first wrote the Simulator, machines and Java were much slower. The program moved along nicely as written. But as machines and Java got faster the Simulator moved so fast it was hard to tell what was happening. You could not see the counts for people waiting for Elevator. They changed too fast. You will need the Java plugin to run this JApplet. If you don't have it you can get it at http://java.com











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