Elizabeth Rodeo

Elizabeth Colorado is a small town outside Denver, but it hosts a great rodeo, the Elizabeth Stampede. I saw some great cowboys at this year's Rodeo. I plan to go next year. You can find other rodeo information at Rodeo resources - directory of Rodeo related websites.

(click on picture to see full size photo)

Putting on the brakes.

OK I got him now what?

He is wearing a white shirt. Do I see a laundry commercial in his future?

Some good old fashioned roping.

Who's picture do you think is better, mine or the photographer in the background?

I thought you were supposed to ride them, not lay on them.

Look at him grit his teeth. And he has just started his ride.

Maybe laying down and gritting your teeth is the secret.

I would say the expression on his face says it all.

Laying on the horn!

May I have this dance?

I would have let go before now.

Now, that is bull riding!

Ever wonder what they are thinking at a time like this?

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