Fort Steele

This is the entrance to Fort Steele, Canada. They referred to it as a Heritage Town. It is an actual old town that has been preserved and in some cases restored to its original condition. Kathy and I spent a great deal of time there and would have stayed longer had we had the time.

This is the hotel we had lunch at. The original hotel had been burnt down and this building was built based on photos and information about the original building.

This was the town's Catholic church. I counted two other churches in this small town.

This is an original warehouse. Some buildings were left in their current state and some have been refurbished.

These are a couple of the homes in the town.

This is the town's school house, complete with two outhouses.

This is the inside of the school house. The curved line running up and across the picture is the grate to keep people out.

This is the inside of a dentist office. Boy, am I glad I didn't live back then.

The Canadian Mounties were stationed at Fort Steele and this is the inside of one of their barracks.

Kathy, looking over a Wisconsin Wheel, used to haul logs.

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