This is the North Gate to Yellowstone. I have seen pictures of it but I have never come in from the north. Judging from how bad the roads were north of the West Gate, I don't think the road crews come in from the north either.

This is Gibbon falls. This is a water fall I did not see in my last two trips to Yellowstone.

This is one of the paint pots. Hot bubbling mud, don't people pay big money to sit in stuff like that?

One of the many hot pools. If I could read the plaque I could tell you which one.

New York and LA may have traffic jams, but the ones in Yellowstone are far more interesting. The arrow in the picture on the left is pointing out the back of a Bison, that is walking south bound, down the middle of the road. As you can see, traffic was not getting by him. But, in his own good time, he left the road in the picture on the right.

This is one of the Geysers at the Lower Geyser Basin.

As we were driving along, we were discussing the various animals we had seen on this trip, and that we had never seen a moose on a trip to Yellowstone. Not ten minutes later we spot a bull and cow eating in the stream near the road. We have now added moose to the list.

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