Daniel Davies
Director of Architecture



I have a passion for creating and building software.  Software makes possible so many things we couldn't do before. I enjoy being a part of that.  It is exciting to figure out ways to solve problems and make things better and easier for others.  What I don't like is software that is hard to use, hard to maintain and expensive to produce.  I particularly do not like software that doesn't do what it is supposed to.  When I hear users complain their 'system is slow today', Or they have to ask someone, 'how do I get out of this?'.  I take it to heart.  It helps motivate me to make sure the software I am a part of is not like that.  I use the experience I have gained as a user, as a support person, a developer and an architect to do what I can to make better software.  I have encouraged others to do the same by mentoring peers and as a team lead or manager.


Specialty Skills:
OOAD, UML, OO Design Patterns
Java, Scala, AKKA, Kafka, Groovy/Grails, JEE, JSP, Struts, AJAX, JavaScript
Objective-C, registered iPhone, iPad developer
Database Design, PL/SQL interfaces

Oracle 10g, Oracle 9i, Oracle 8i
Oracle Application Server 10g, WebSphere 7
Oracle Identity Management
Apache, Tomcat, Axis
Enterprise Architect, Poseidon
Intellij, Eclipse, JDeveloper, Rational RAD

Operating Systems:
Mac OSX, iOS, Windows 7/XP/2000/NT, UNIX/Linux

Management/Leadership Skills:
Technical Director, Technical Team Leader, Project Leader

Life Cycle Expertise:
Iterative – Java Development Method (JDM), Oracle Unified Method (OUM)
Waterfall – Oracle Method (OM), Custom Development Method (CDM)
Use Cases, Class Diagrams, Interaction Diagrams (UML)
OOA/OOD for JEE Architecture
Database Design/Development, Data Modeling
Distributed Software System Design and Development


Canoe Ventures, 11/10 - Present

Director of Architecture
Canoe Ventures providesVideo on Demand Dynamic Ad Insertion(VOD/DAI) to the Cable Industry.  Key to providing this service is the Common Advanced Advertising System (CAAS). I am working on high performance, low latency communications using standards developed by SCTE and Cable Labs.  Technologies involved are Java, Scala, AKKA, Grails, GIT, and Spring Integration. At times, I was overseeing multiple – simultaneous development projects, including a remote development team.

Interglobe Technology, 5/06 – 10/10

Technical Architect
Interglobe Technologies provides services to the Travel Industry.  Current assignment is with one of the largest travel service providers.  Provide direction and development services on Galileo's Service Oriented Architecture services.  Mentor Java developers providing leadership and technical direction.  Research technologies to determine their appropriateness for use.  Document and submit methods of process improvement.  Technologies involved include Java, J2EE, Web Services, Tomcat, Axis, Oracle, DB2, Rational RAD, WebSphere and interfaces to mainframe applications.  Early project was to design and implement their first Ajax based application to use JMX to manage back-end Java Services. 
Designed and implemented tool for testing webservices. Tool used XSL to transform XML responses to create XML requests to facilitate testing webservice workflow scenarios.  Designed and implemented various adapters and modules for Travelport’s ACH webservice.  ACH is a flight webservice aggregator.  It provides a standard interface to send requests to one or more Airline Vendor’s webservice to search and book flights.  This is a high performance, high throughput webservice for multiple client applications.
Refactored Travelport’s  Traversa TM Startup Servlet.  This servlet provides caching and dataservices for the Traversa application.  Server was taking one hour to startup.  After refactoring, startup took under two minutes.  Recent assignment was to design and implement a webservice framework for TraversaTM, to communicate with different webservices.  Most recent project was to implement communications with Universal API webservice to provide Rail services for a POC for TraversaTM.

Oracle Corporation, 8/94 – 5/06

Senior Principal Consultant 8/94 – 7/2000
I began my career at Oracle doing Oracle DBA work, PL/SQL package and trigger development as well as Oracle Forms and Reports work.  I mentored clients on the use of Oracle technology and the designs I implemented. For WAPA, I developed packages that allowed Maximo (MRO’s maintenance software) to use Oracle Project Accounting information to generate new Oracle GL code combinations as part of the integration transaction.  For BellSouth, I created a CORBA server that acted as a facade for several legacy systems. This simplified client application development while improving application performance. My last year in this period was spent developing the first JSP based application at Oracle and doing other Java development. I created a component based approach to using JSPs when the technique at the time was to place all code in the JSP. This technique shortened development time and decreased the number of bugs.
Principal Software Developer 7/2000 – 1/05
My next four and a half years at Oracle I worked for Development. The first two years I worked on proof of concept projects. I researched technologies to determine which could be used to produce new applications in ways not considered before. I created a proto-type to extract data from the database, transform it into XML data and used SSL to transfer the data through a firewall to be stored in another database. I proto-typed an application to allow Cell Phones to retrieve sales data from Oracle's Sales Application. The final three years I used Java, PL/SQL, and J2EE to produce CRM applications, transitioned to four different Oracle proprietary application frameworks, and mentored peers in OO Technology, software design patterns and assisted peers in Java code performance enhancements.

Principal Consultant 3/05 – 5/06
The final period of my time with Oracle was as an Oracle Consultant working on a J2EE development project for the Veterans Administration. This project used Eclipse, Struts and a custom framework built on Struts called, ACM.  I worked on the architecture and design for the Fee program, including design and implementation of SSO using Oracle’s Identity Management.  I also led a team of Java developers in developing various modules in the claims processing application.  In addition, I was in charge of architectural approval of new module designs.

Regis University, Affiliate Professor MSCIT program, 10/97 – 12/06

Classes taught in Masters Program:

Advanced Java Programming

Database Design

Object-Oriented Software Engineering


Java Programming


Introduction to programming

Oracle Forms and Reports


eVergent Healthcare Solutions, Contract Work

Client had built multiple custom versions of their software for their customers.  They needed to Re- Architect their software to a single standard, while still allowing all the flexibility their custom versions provided.  By combining several software design patterns, the new architecture provided maximum flexibility within a ‘standard’ framework version.  New and modified capabilities could be added to the system by adding new Objects and changing the application’s parameters.  No code changes would be needed to incorporate the modifications or additions.

EG&G Rocky Flats, 1991 - 1994

Project Team Leader
Led team of Oracle developers.  Developed RHRS program. Create data models using relational normalization.  Document system with ER diagrams.  Coordinate engineers on Mission Critical application.  Received multiple awards for completing projects ahead of schedule and under budget.  Received excellence award for high quality of work.
Manager DOE Information Center
Administer APD program for all DOE and DOE direct contractors.  Managed team of support personnel, recommended software standards, prepared budgets.  Received EGG-ceptional award for cost reduction, improved response time and increased quality of service.
Network Tiger Team Lead
Led team of various area specialists formed to track down network problems. The network problems were escalated to us when conventional methods did not work. These problems were usually multi-discipline in nature, where knowledge of the cooperating systems was needed to determine why their interactions did not behave as expected.

Alisa Systems, Director Technical Services, 1987 - 1991

Managed team of support personnel.  Responsible for quality control for all products. Won Digital Review Award for 'Best of Breed' the three years I was there.  Improved technical support response time from an average of four days to 100% within two hours. Worked on executive committee for project planning and strategic planning for the company. Prepared budgets and resource planning. Hired and trained support technicians. Solved customer installation and user problems. Troubleshoot network configuration problems. Beta tested software and tested for software compatibility.  Submitted product improvement suggestions. Reviewed and tested product documentation. Analyzed data needs and modeled relational database for customer support and bug tracking system. Coded and created support database. This position required an excellent understanding of the Macintosh O/S, VAX/VMS, DECnet and EtherTalk.


MSCIS, Regis University, Denver, CO. Graduated with Honors

Emphasis in relational data modeling in client/server distributed environments and object-oriented technology.   Masters Project involved creation of a relational database application from database administration to end user application. Languages included SQL, PL/SQL, C++

BA, Biola University, La Mirada, CA.

Oracle Training:

·       Oracle Application Server 10gR2: Administration 1

·       Project Lifecycle Management

·       OracleAS 10g Enterprise Identity Management

·       Develop Applications using OA Framework

·       Develop Oracle XML Applications

·       Develop Database Applications with Java

·       Oracle Financials Technical Foundation

·       Oracle Applications System Administration

·       Oracle 7 Parallel Server Administration

Society Membership
Cable Labs SaFi working group
Cable Labs CIP working group
Denver Java Users Group (DJUG)
Denver Open Source Users Group (DOSUG)

Sun Certified Enterprise Architect (SCEA)
Sun Certified Programmer for the Java Platform (SCJP)