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Star Trek Links

I have not completely figured out what I will do with this page. I found I had a growing number of Star Trek things on my website so I decided to put them on their own page.

The first link is to an iPhoto collection of pictures from Star Trek The Experience at the Las Vegas Hilton. For a Star Trek fan this was a lot of fun.

The second link is to a Star Trek crossword puzzle. I had created the crossword puzzle applet for another site. By supplying a different text file and image files this applet will change without any code changes. Having already built the applet, I decided to make a Star Trek crossword puzzle based on a crossword puzzle I found in a book.

The third link is to an Applet I wrote for myself to keep track of Star Trek episodes. If there is an episode you want to see, put in your search parameters and the program will tell you which DVD contains that episode. I have also added any errors and my comments about the episodes. Feel free to write me and let me know about any errors or comments you would like added. My email address is:

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